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  • What would life look like if you were taking care of you?

    • Would you be able to say "no" and mean it?
    • Would life be more peaceful?
  • Do you make plans only to have them overshadowed by the needs of others?

    Self-care life coaching can help you balance the needs of others with you own needs so you live a more peaceful life.

  • Are you at a point where you want to enjoy the rest of your life?

    Colleen shows “baby boomers” how to utilize life’s experiences moving forward and taking advantage of the time you have now to live the dreams you always wanted and doing what matters most to you.

  • Learn to approach your life through getting in touch with your own heart's desires and empower yourself to move through each day with more joy.

  • Is your health suffering because you are a care giver to a loved one and you're too busy to take time for yourself?

    Self-care life coaching can teach you to access the self-care you need to explore and efficiently manage the many daily responsibilities of the strenuous life of a care giver.

Self-Care Life Coaching

Self Care Life Coaching is based on the perspective of your greatness, not your problems - we are not trying to fix you. Self Care coaching is not “self improvement” as you traditionally know it and starts with the belief that you are “enough”. You are able to see the potential of who you are at this stage in life and to focus on the possible choices to enhance your life.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
-Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems
7 Benefits of Self Care

Self care can lead you to a better place where you have more energy and more enjoyment.

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How does Self Care Life Coaching work?

We explore the aspects of your  life in a positive environment utilizing . . .

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Designed for success.

Self care life coaching gives you the tools and assists you to “own” the changes you choose to make in your life through looking at your own “possibilities and potential” with a fresh perspective.

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