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Colleen Colleen is passionate about self care and sharing the tools learned during  her lifetime to foster your growth and increase your well-being. It is her own journey into chronic illness that instilled in her the deep desire to coach, write and teach others.  She encourages you to join her on this venture to well being.

She is the mother of four children and the grandmother of seven.  Colleen taught school for over twenty years and worked as a national educational consultant.  She is a member of the National Faculty of Educational Coaches.  Coaching teachers led her to broaden her skills through becoming  a Master Life Coach.  She could see the need for support and mentoring beyond her education arena.
Colleen realized the Mind Body connection  was enhanced  when healthy self care was being practiced in the lives of her clients.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and has her Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification, is a licensed massage therapist with advanced certifications in Cranial-Sacral Work   Rolfing/Structural Integration and Myofascial training).
Colleen is the author of several books (her current work in progress is a book called  Nurturing the Empathic Child  and she hopes to have it published by the end of the current year.   Colleen is the creator of a children’s game called CHOICES which is sold throughout the world.  She loves to teach, write and utilize the natural connections found in our surroundings in her coaching.  She is currently working on her doctoral degree in Eco Psychology, a system that teaches people to heal their lives through developing a relationship with the world around us.
Colleen teaches workshops on a wide variety of topics relating to self-care and has created two programs focusing on self care for the caregiver and a program called Facing The Storm that assists those dealing with long term chronic illness.
Colleen believes that her work as a Self Care Life Coach is the “magnum opus” of her life and it is her heart’s desire to journey with you as you walk the path to living a fulfilled, authentic life.

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Colleen Anne Snow, M.A. Ed has served as CEO of Valley of the Sun Wellness Institute (VSWI), a 501C3 non-profit membership organization founded in 2001 with the goals to educate, empower and serve  enabling people to create healthy, balanced lives.
VSWI focuses on the eight primary areas of wellness and well-being.  Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind-body-spirit that result in a feeling of well-being. VSWI membership includes: medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, yoga instructors, massage therapists, life coaches, financial planners, personal fitness trainers, life path advisors, and anyone interested in promoting the well-being of the whole person.VSWI Goal is to teach and empower people of all ages to take personal responsibility for their health and to provide them with the tools needed to live productive lives.

VSWI Programs:
Workplace Wellness is a combination of education, organizational and environmental activities designed to support behavior conducive to the health of employees in a business and their families.  We educate and coach to alleviate workplace stress and work-life balance.  VSWI has a broad focus based upon eight areas of well-being that affect us individually, as families, as communities and globally.   Through identifying these areas contributing to well-being of the “whole person”  by EDUCATING people through our newsletters, seminars and workshops we EMPOWER people to make healthy choices in all areas of their lives leading to a sustainable life style and SERVE the community in ever increasing numbers we all benefit.