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Self Care

What will self care life coaching do for me?

  • Teach you to bring coherence and the ability to respond (rather than react) to the complex life situations through self- care.
  •  To cultivate your ability to recognize what motivates you and to turn your intentions into reality.
  • To encourage and give you the tools toward designing a plan and life purpose that is in deeper alignment with who you are.
  • Observe and measure your growth in manifesting a visible increase in your personal well-being, your relationships with others, your ability to manage conflict
  • Understand your “good intentions” and past efforts to change and the blocks, old stories and beliefs that have stopped you.
  • Access the “self-care” needed to explore your full potential and possibilities”.
  • Begin to take the “baby steps” with patience and repeated perseverance in a manageable program for self care and growth in all areas of your life.


How does self care life coaching work?

  • We explore you’re the aspects of your  life in a positive environment  utilizing art, writing and group process as tools to foster your own ability to “take the reins” and move forward.
  • We provide you with opportunities to connect with others who have the ability to utilize their own “possibilities and potential” to enhance your progress
  • We assist you to develop a map of where you are now in various areas of “well-being” and to learn to take daily action steps individually and with others to create a sustainable life of well-being.
  • Self Care weekly/monthly focus based on your individual needs assist you to “plug in” to communication with your Self Care Life coach


Self care life coaching is designed for success.

Self Care Life coaching is designed for “success”. It gives you the tools and assists you to “own” the changes you choose to make in your life through looking at your own “possibilities and potential” with a fresh perspective.

But I am too busy?
Self Care Life coaching is designed for you, created by others like you with similar circumstances and challenges

Your self-care program can be tailored to fit your time and to focus on the aspects of your life (one step at a time) that will assist you to more fully meet the needs of your job, your family and still have the valuable (and most ignored) time for you and your own self-care.

But I am too old!
We focus on the premise made by Henry Ford “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

Your life will definitely be enriched and more complete as you learn the steps of Self-Care plus you have the luxury of fewer responsibilities and can spend more time now than ever before focusing on your own self-care.

Through the use of a program called “PRE-HAB versus RE-HAB” (created by Don McLean) you are able to make the changes now to prevent or to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

We provide you with Self-Care Life coaches who are in your age range and have specialized training and life experiences to understand your individual life circumstances at your particular age in life.

But I am already ill!
Any improvement in your attitude and outlook on life will naturally create increased well-being. We focus on helping you to meet the challenges facing you through our Self Care program plus giving you additional “possibilities” through utilizing our program “Facing the Storm” to help you deal with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self care.